FTP, which stands for File Transfer Protocol, is the most famous means of transferring web files to a hosting account. Using FTP client software that’s installed on your desktop computer or laptop, you can connect to your hosting server and copy all the web files that you need with several clicks of the mouse. This is done using a simple-to-use graphical interface and it is as simple as dragging ‘n’ dropping the abovementioned files. The advantage of using FTP is the fact that you’re able to create different accounts, each one with a different level of access to your online storage space, so if you must grant somebody access, for instance – a designer, they will be able to connect only to one specific folder and won’t be able to see the remaining content or any other information, including personal details. Three prerequisites are necessary to be able to establish an FTP connection – a hostname, which is usually an IP or a domain, a username and a password.
FTP Accounts in Cloud Hosting
Any of the cloud hosting packages offered by our company will enable you to create unlimited FTP accounts, so you will be able to manage the content of your Internet sites separately or to provide other persons with access to any Internet site in your hosting account. If you’ve got a web design program installed on your personal computer, you will be able to manage numerous Internet sites simultaneously and to keep them up to date without any efforts. If you provide the login information to another individual to do a given task, you will be able to update the password for that FTP account or to delete it completely with just a few mouse clicks and prevent any chance of unsolicited access to your website content in the future. For convenience’s sake, all FTP accounts that you set up will be shown in alphabetical order in the respective section of your Hepsia hosting Control Panel.
FTP Accounts in VPS Servers
If you open a VPS servers with us and select any of the 3 hosting Control Panels that we offer – cPanel, Hepsia or DirectAdmin, an FTP server will be installed on your VPS, since it is an integral part of the standard software pack that comes with all VPS servers ordered with a hosting Control Panel. This will enable you to create as many FTP accounts as you want and to pick which directory each one of them can access. If you want, you can even create several accounts for the exact same domain and give several individuals their very own sign-in credentials to access the website content. Any of the three Control Panels will provide you with the opportunity to set up, to modify or to delete an FTP account in a couple of easy steps and with no more than a few mouse clicks, so even if you don’t have past experience, you will be able to administer an FTP account without any hassle.